Moatilliatta Scans: Nekogami Yaoyorozu Chapter 1

Mediafire: Download

(For those who don’t wish to download the chapter, it’s been uploaded to Mangafox.)

I started a scanslation group! But it’s really just me and whoever I can get to translate stuff! In this case, jennkei translated the first chapter of Nekogami Yaoyorozu after I went around begging for someone to do it. Thanks Jenn!

I have no idea if we’ll do another chapter, nor whether Jenn would be interested at all. I certainly don’t want to do any more typesetting. My hope is that when this chapter is uploaded to all the manga reader sites and stuff, it will spark interest and attract another group to pick up the series.

Nekogami Yaoyorozu is by FLIPFLOPs, a former Touhou doujin circle gone pro. I found out about them from researching the Nekogami anime, and it just so happened that they became my favorite doujin circle. With their being pretty popular for Touhou and with Nekogami having a current anime, I’m pretty surprised there wasn’t anyone trying the manga. (There’s already 4 volumes out!)

I like the anime, with its amazing vocal cast and pretty colors, but the manga clearly shows where the anime was weakened by stuffing in unnecessary scenes and killing the pace. I’m very interested in reading the rest of the manga, whether I’m involved with it or not.

By the way, if you’re a scanslator reading this and want to pick up the series, I’ll totally be your proofreader if need be. That part I actually have fun with.

10 Responses to “Moatilliatta Scans: Nekogami Yaoyorozu Chapter 1”

  1. Hiya Se Dice Bisonte, I think you did a great job for your first project. You somewhat lacked instruction and support, so I can understand how it wasn’t done as perfect as you had originally expected (笑)

    I had at one point in time (like a month or two ago) considered picking it up, but now after reading it, it doesn’t seem like my kind of series, so I’ve changed my mind. It’s a bit too… random. Still, great attempt though.

    If you want to learn how to clean and typeset, I don’t mind teaching you, either. Just visit me in IRC. #cake @

    – Sayori

    • Thanks for the compliments! Yeah, I basically just went at it, using GIMP, and I think I got better as I went along (realizing I didn’t have to make the text the size of the text bubble, remembering the manga temple font, etc.)

      Yeah, in general, I consider Nekogami a “yukkuri shiteite ne” series, which I’m sure you’ll understand if you know anything about Touhou. Basically, it’s laid-back and silly, with the characters lazily going about their everyday immortal lives doing whatever.

      I’ll consider taking you up on your offer, though I don’t like thinking about having to typeset again >_<

      • First off, get Photoshop (pirate it if you have to), and stop using GIMP. GIMP is probably one of the worst things you should ever use for scanlation, unless you don’t have Windows and really have no other way to use Photoshop.

        Second, get an IRC channel in IRCHighway :o…

      • I can get a really old version of Photoshop at my disposal (I think it’s 6) still better than GIMP?

        Also, irc channel get:

  2. Thanks for the chapter, even if you end up only doing the one – I’ve been hoping that someone would pick this up for a while, especially once the anime was announced. Good work and thanks again!

  3. Lol, typesetting isn’t that bad! Then again, after fixing the seams for the two colour spreads, I was more than happy to let you handle the Photoshopping. (Or GIMPing, in your case. XD)

    It’s a pity you aren’t interested in doing more chapters, because I would be~ ^^ (Though at the end of the day, a J->E translator is infinitely-preferable to C->E ole me.) I liked the manga. The anime didn’t grab my attention anywhere near as much, though I did only give it one episode. (It’s on my ‘to-catch-up’ list)

    It was a pleasure to work with you, in any case — plus you transliterated all the sfx I was too lazy to~~ ^^ Ehehehe~

  4. I came across this at MangaFox, and it really made my day. XD Hey, good job on your first scan, and thanks for all the work you’ve put in!


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