Who Is This Effigy?

Se Dice Bisonte, No Bùfalo

This is a blog about Japanese art, most prominently the kind that’s used in sequence to tell a story. I’m fairly new to the greater manga world, so I hope this blog will be like a chronicle of my discovery.

The project I want to engage in on this blog is picking out single images in manga that’re memorable, or that speak for the story much more than any dialog could. I’ll call the posts in this project “Manga Pages.”

This blog is heavy on images and spoilers by nature.

My favorite manga tend to be those that feature cute girls and violence, though I’m partial to anything with great art.

You can see my Manga Updates profile here.

Everything on this site references musical artists The Mars Volta, because I’m horribly unoriginal. “Is that you, Moatilliatta?”, and “Who is this effigy?” come from the song “This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed” on the De-Loused in the Comatorium album, whose cover is also my avatar. My name, “Se Dice Bisonte,” is a reference to one of The Mars Volta guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s solo albums, the title of which is seen above. It’s no exaggeration to say that I’m a massive fanboy. The image above is from Once Piece chapter 136.

One Comment to “Who Is This Effigy?”

  1. Kuro #3 will be out this year in English!!! I am SO happy! I need to make sure my library’s getting it, too. An amazing manga & the one I make my unfannish friends read. Excellent choice! I also like the concept of your blog. — geekdiva on MU

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